We live in a global aquarium where languages and information, true or false, fuse together

We feed on data and links that are generated by human intelligence in the same way as by algorithms or bots. We are immersed in a web of information that comes from democracies and autocracies, from nations and individuals and from adults and minors. That is why we need decoding.

Decoding is involved in the analysis, monitoring, interpretation and elaboration of strategies

related to information with a particular emphasis on that promoted by public entities towards communities and citizens. It uses the main analysis platforms available on the market and all the native and proprietary tools developed by a team of experts in the world of social communication and information: statisticians, anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists and, of course, information specialists such as journalists, bloggers and influencers.

Decoding's deliverables are mainly documents for the analysis and constant monitoring of geopolitical and cultural areas, flows and rhythms of the information that is disseminated, the quality and veracity of this information, and all the compensation or verification strategies that can be put in place, the implementation of which Decoding guarantees on an international scale.

Decoding involves some of the leading market players and their platforms and staff and is coordinated by the in-house unit of the CIA (Communicative Intelligence Accelerator)

which has its research centre in Bologna, Italy, one of the most important academic centres in Europe. It also enhances partnerships with numerous international university institutes and departments, in particular with Social Psychology at the University of Maastricht and Neuromarketing at the University of Pescara-Chieti.

Collaborations with leading international journalistic bodies and Press Club members guarantee those sharp observers are able to understand and investigate messages in 24 languages/idioms globally.